Trevor Gilbert - lead expertTrevor is one of the UK’s most respected expert witnesses in his field with 30 years’ experience of delivering written and oral evidence. Over the past 17 years he has developed a niche area of expertise in investment banking and financial services, reporting on behalf of claimants and defendants.

He is renowned for his diligence and high level of customer care, having won the prestigious Eclipse Proclaim Personal Injury Awards for an historic 6th time. He has been described by the judging panel as “Influential in calculating loss for claimants”.

A Head of Chambers said in relation to an investment banking claim, "We have now instructed you in a number of very substantial cases where lost earnings have been claimed in very specialist areas of employment, particularly in the City of London. In each case my clients had found extreme difficulty in gaining access to the true position in relation to earnings in these fields. It was in this area that your help proved invaluable. I have been impressed by your ability to penetrate the fog that seems to surround such areas and to produce hard evidence to demonstrate the true position."

“A powerful piece of work” - QC describing Trevor’s report on an investment banker.

“Trevor Gilbert’s excellent report. The final summary section in particular is strong and resonant. My compliments to Mr Gilbert!” - Counsel.