Investment banking is a complex and virtually impenetrable environment, especially in relation to employment and compensation which matters are kept highly confidential. When establishing a loss of earnings claim there are very big issues to discuss, not least the continuing fall-out from the Credit Crunch and its impact on recruitment and retention, compensation and particularly bonuses.

Claims for injured people who either had an aspiration to work in the investment banking arena, or already employed, are invariably of the big ticket variety, the most recent in our experience of some £20M, which our report on behalf of the defendant led to a significant diminution and settled at £2.2M with a loss of earnings component at £1.75M.

Based on our evidence, a head injured investment banker claimed for loss of opportunity to advance his career as he had anticipated (and concomitant loss of earnings) was originally offered £10,000. Our evidence on behalf of the claimant resulted in it being uplifted to £300,000.

Trevor Gilbert OBE and Jane Wisniewski have collaborated successfully for many years and now unite their expertise and extensive banking networks to deliver reliable and sustainable reports to which other expert witnesses can only aspire.

We have reported on Front, Middle and Back Office roles from Analyst to Managing Director in Tier 1, 2 and 3 institutions, the chance of graduates entering this field, career progression, burn out and retirement.